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All Skutt Kilns come with a 2 year warranty. For details regarding how to obtain what is covered in the warranty and how to obtain warranty service please consult the warranty.

There are certain repairs that can be done fairly easily. All parts come with a complete set of instructions. The following are repairs that can be done by most kiln owners. For more complicated repairs please contact your distributor.

Always unplug the kiln prior to doing any repairs.

Brick Repairs
Generally brick does not need to be replaced or repaired unless the element groove lip is damaged to the point where the element is sagging out of the groove. Small chips and cracks do not effect the performance of the kiln.

Slab Repairs
Melted glass on a properly kiln washed floor can easily be removed without damage to the surface below by scraping the slab with a putty knife. Holes in the slab up to 1.5 centimeters deep can be patched. Using a sharp knife or X-Acto tool, undercut the edges of the damaged area. To fill the void use “Kiln Patch”. This can be ordered through Skutt or may be available at your local distributor. Compress the kiln patch into place, and scrape flush with the rest of the floor. Allow to dry well before firing.

Lid Repairs
A coating of refractory cement will prevent the brick from crumbling and falling on your ware. Some lids without elements have a flip side if ever needed. Just remove the screws holding the hinge leaves, turn the lid over, and reattach the leaves to new holes drilled in the lid’s band.
Major cracks and chips are often times impossible to repair and it will be necessary to replace the lid.

Replacing Elements
As elements grow old they oxidize and produce less power. Eventually the kiln will no longer reach temperature and the elements will need replacing. Please consult your distributor when it becomes necessary to replace the elements in your kiln. They will provide you with the correct replacement parts and comprehensive instructions for replacing them correctly.

Replacing Thermocouples
Thermocouples are the metal tube shaped objects that protrude into the kiln chamber. They measure the temperature inside the kiln and relay the information to the controller. Over a period of time thermocouples can degrade and need to be replaced. If not bent or broken, thermocouples will generally slowly drift towards an overfire. If you notice an increasing amount of heatwork to your projects it may be necessary to replace the thermocouple.

Replacing Relays

Relays cycle the power on and off in the kiln. Over time the contacts on the relay can wear out and the relay needs to be replaced. It is recommended to replace all of the relays when one goes out.