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The new low-pressure, stainless steel Bravo Bench Burner was designed specifically with the needs of the artistic flameworker in mind. A dual-purpose torch, it will work easily with both soft and borosilicate glass. Bethlehem's Bravo is one of the hottest new torches on the market today! Made with the precision and quality of all Bethlehem burners, the Bravo's output is surface-mixed and whisper-soft. By varying the atmosphere of your flame, you can use your torch like a fiery paintbrush for shading and highlights. The razor-sharp center is excellent for creating small details. For marbles, sculpting, and vessels, this sleek new torch is both cost-effective and fuel-efficient.

The Bravo Bench Burner Features: 

  • An improved design replacing our popular Barracuda Burner.
  • All stainless steel construction that stays cool while the flame is super hot.
  • A unique design that allows for a higher volume of fuel at a lower inlet pressure- 15 cu. ft./hr. at only 2 psi.
  • Can also operate on household gas (1/4 psi) and oxygen concentrators (7 psi).
  • Includes B size fittings for both Oxy and Fuel connections. Purchase a 4 Inlet to 2 Inlet Adapter (Part #'s EQ101) if you are not going to use a foot pedal.
Burner configuration: Center fire - 6 jets, Outer fire - 12 jets, Face dia. - 1" (25.4 mm)
Full flame consumption: Gas: 2 psi; 15 cu. ft./hr. (425 l/hr.); Oxygen: 8 psi; 66 cu. ft./hr. (1867 l/hr.)
Works: Rod - 1" (26 mm) Tube - 38 mm Dimensions: 6” long with a 6” base Net Weight: 3 1/2 lbs. 

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Great Intermediate Torch

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I love this torch. I make a lot of jewelry and this torch has got the tightest pinpoint flame for a surface mix torch I have ever seen. Very nice tight centerfire Great wide hot outer fire works 32mm Heavy wall with extreame ease and 38mm heavy wall it can handle but not as fast. You have to use the torch like a Calisle because the outer fire is quite bigger than the center fire so it takes a little practice, but once you get used to it you work flows with ease. This torch it very hot for a surface mix and is not ideal for the beginer but a great addition to any intermediate - Advanced flameworkers line of torches.

Easy on oxygen

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This is the first torch I've ever bought, so I don't have any comparisons but it's been great for me. Mostly I use the center fire right now. The center fire will melt a 24 mm heavy wall tube just fine. The only time I open up to the outer fire is when pulling points. I bought this torch because I figured its one I could grow into, so far I'm having lots of fun with it!

Great little torch

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I have been running this torch for about 8 months now, and I love it. I am fairly new to glass, but I like it better than previous torches I've run. I have used the Major/Minor, a few Minors and a CC. I am currently only using up to 38 mil, and its great for my purposes. I see it comes with a rack and pinion base now, which I would have loved to have, but its still a great little torch.


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We researched pretty heavily and went with the BRAVO. It's spec charts are accurate, and works great. We are enjoying working with boro. The flame size and chemistry is easy to adjust and has a wide range. We have no problems heating up several inches of solid glass ex: (rods, marbles) and tube work is great, nice large wide flame. Thanks! Love going into the store and shopping.


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We may run upwards of 8 torches during classes. Recent renovations caused us to go back to compressed oxy because the elevator is out of service and can't get liquid oxy into the building. The Bravo is so efficient on low pressures we are not using as many compressed as I'd have thought.


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So grateful to have this torch! I love the range of flame, the sleek design, and the low oxy psi. I run mostly off the minor and a oxy concentrator and love how it feels like I can just work forever on this thing! Great Buy!!

A Whole New World

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Amazing Torch! I started with Hot Head, Nortel Minor, Mega Minor, MidRange, RedMax and now this Bravo. The fuel/oxy efficiency is stellar! A very unique flame pattern that wraps around your work. The quality is outstanding! Top with a Blast Shield Marver, a foot pedal and you have a game changer.

Wish I had bought it sooner!

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This torch is exactly what I needed to move on to the next level. I'm already saving for the Champion. I LOVE this torch. Had a few Nortel's and a CC before this and not trying to knock them but was never completely happy with any one of them so I was still looking. I am happy now. The griffin "L" Marver with 2 pieces of graphite I bought from here to go with it makes the access to the outer fire knobs a little tight but it's not an issue. The torch is so compact but it is extremely powerful for it's size as well. I love this thing.


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I just came off of a nortel minor that I outgrew pretty quick. The Bravo was my second choice torch behind that of a phantom, though now I feel like I didn't give this torch the attention it deserves. I ordered it because I didn't want to wait for a gtt. Bur this torch is just phenomenal! operating at lower pressures than my nortel minor(Nortel 15oxy/5propane...Bravo 8oxy/2propane) this thing rips! Center fire has a great range of versatility from a small bushy annealing flame, to a very fine hot needle flame. with the outer fire on I went through 24mm rod in about 30 seconds. very well made and smooth operating torch, would recommend to anyone whos looking to step up to a bigger burner.

Excellent torch

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After using a number of different torches over the years, I've been using a Bravo exclusively for 3+ years and I love it. It is a very versatile, hot, mid-range torch that is fuel efficient. I highly recommend it or any Bethlehem torch.

Great Torch

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This torch is amazing, its machined well and does the job well. The low pressure design takes a bit of getting used too but once you do it smooth sailing.

Efficient and robust!

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This torch travels with me and my business as I tour music festivals.. My little Bravo has never let me down! I run a concentrator setup which is perfect for even both rings of this torch. I don't expect to be able to make a 3" marble or anything but all of my pendants are easily and quickly made on the Bravo. I stepped up to this torch from two smaller Nortel torches.. should've done it sooner :)


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I haven't hooked this bad boy up yet. I still need to get my studio space set up. I fell in love immediately with my new setup. I also purchased a GTT Lynx to go alongside my Bravo. Its going to be a great summer!

The underdog

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After countless months waiting for a bug lol. I decided to go in Bethlehems direction and i must say the name says it all Bravo !!! works great on low pressure but also rages on the tank I could not be happier Thanks Mountain glass for the advice and fast shipping