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Hollow Ground Joint Holding Tool for 14mm Fem - Blast Shield

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The Blast Shield ground joint holding tool offers extreme precision with tools that are assembled on a lathe and guaranteed to run true. The stainless steel handles are designed to have 1/4 inch hose slide over the end. The total length of the tool is just over 12 inches.

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8 reviews

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perfect for domes!

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this nice tool has a great comfortable handle and is perfect for shaping domes for rigs :) heavy duty and quality

Great tool

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This tool has definantly saved a lot of time and money fusing blow tubes to other joints. You can work extremely close to the joint with this tool, just heat it up before applying you're ground joint and just grab your art with some kevlar and twist and pop her in the kiln.

Must have for GonG joints

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This tool is straight and true. It is very high quality. Be sure to heat the graphite while working the glass. Sometimes clear glass can slip off holders so I insert a very thin steel shim to ensure a good grip. You can work glass very close to the joint is you keep the tool hot. Great for welding joint to tube or other joints to make adapters or domes. Highly recommended!


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These are top quality and smooth as silk, a joy to use. I got all three sizes!

Nice Tool.

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Works great. And as I've said before in other reviews, just another great tool from blast shield. Get's the job done for sure.

Good, but wears away

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Wears away fast, which ends up making it not great when doing hand-ground joints of your own. It still works really well for stock joints that I purchase.

great for GONG forming and holding

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great tool works amazing for creating 14mm female joints or making bowls or domes out of stock joints it is graphite so make sure to keep it hot before using it with hot glass to avoid early degradation al and all a great tool and awesome that its a blow tube as well !!

great tool for GONGs and domes

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this tool is great for forming your own 14mm female joint or making domes and bowls out of stock joints it is graphite so keep it hot before working with it to avoid it wearing away also its awesome that its also a blow tube and not just a solid reamer all in all great tool for beginners all the way to master glassblowers!!!