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Hollow Ground Joint Holding Tool for 14mm Male - Blast Shield

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The Blast Shield ground joint holding tool offers extreme precision. The stainless steel handles are designed to have 1/4 inch hose slide over the end. The total length of the tool is just over 12 inches.

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This tool is a great tool for working with ground joints. I have had brass and HATE it, I always prefer this graphite one. It might wear away over time but it holds joints 100% sturdy and doesn't leave marks on the glass. Needs a handle for heat, I really like the wood handles out there.

Most badass tool I own

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This tool feels much straighter than other graphite gong tools ive used in the past. Also it seems like it locks the joint in tighter than some others. 1/4in latex fits right over the end making it super compatible with a swivel (if desired). I use it in any case where a bridge to the female isn't necessary. I don't know how many ground joints i've saved. Its longevity can be increased by refraining from putting it in the kiln. It belongs on anyones bench who is going to be working with a lot of joints.

must have

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This is a Must have tool I love it.

Worth the Money

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I have over 15 years ex. lampworking. I worked Glass Joints for about 6 years solid before I purchased any of the graphite holders..... Man did I waste allot of money. I always thought that they are what I call a Cheater's Tool. I thought if you know what you are doing you do not need one. I was very wrong. The Money saved from joints sticking together as well as you never need a glass joint for a blow pipe to make use of the other ones you have. You can get close to the grind without burning any of it off, and if you have a lathe there is no better way. Also adding a cold joint into the hot graphite tool will not break the joint like using a hot glass joint for a blow pipe will. The Best Tip I have to offer for using the Male Holders is do NOT TAP the joint out once you are finished.... Grab the Finished piece with Gloved hand or Kevlar Tape firmly and wiggle back and forth if it does not come out within seconds, Turn the piece grabbing it at another angle and try again..... And before you decide to buy this tool know that just 7 sets of good joints getting fused together will pay for this tool. or 14 Broken Females because you used as blow pipes. Let alone the professional look you get when the your art glass ends so close to the grind people think you made the joint itself. Oh and it is made by Blast Shield with Great Graphite Quality and Craftsmanship.

Great product and great service

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I initially bought one of these and the first five pieces got stuck on me and it was clear there was some one in a thousand chance error. Mountain glass was kind enough to replace one for me and let me ship mine back. The new one works great, great graphite. Just make sure to work it in an horizontal to elbow down position because the metal handle can get quite hot!

Fantastic tool

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I have found this joint holder to be straight and precise. Be sure to apply heat to the tool to prevent cracking. Sometimes clear glass joints slip so I put a very small thin steel shim in prior to inserting the joint. Excellent quality, straight and true. It has rapidly become one of my must use tools.


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These are top quality and smooth as silk, a joy to use. I got all three sizes!

Works Good.

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Another excellent tool from blast shield. Work's great. GONG 4 LIFE!