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The Delta Elite is designed with a Lynx seven jet center fire, surrounded by a 50 jet Triple Surface Mix outer fire. It is a lot like the GTT Mirage, but with a larger outer fire to work even bigger pieces. It comes with a split manifold and rack and pinion stand. The Delta Elite is an extremely powerful torch.

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I love this torch!

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Gtt has long been considered the premier torch manufacturer and the Delta Elite is one of the best options they have for a large size flame with infinite adjustment ability. The triple mix surface flame keeps the torch running cool even after a long session working large flames. It is easily a large enough torch to do vac-stacks on extra heavy wall tubing, making quick work of the melting and stretching with the powerful hot flame this torch is easily able to produce. This torch is simple to connect to a foot pedal with the four stud hose manifold. This torch is a career worthy torch and for most glassblowers would be big enough for permanent use in any shop given the ability to switch between the precision of the lynx inner fire and the wide face delta outer fire.


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I of course had heard how amazing GTT's were but didn't realize what that meant. I had been on a CC for 6 years and had just gotten used to how long it took to work a piece. Once I started with this beast, my time to do my normal product lines dropped. Took no time at all to melt in inside outs, tube pulls ect. Don't hesitate to grab a foot peddle ! After having all this power, then taking out time changing from inner to outer, again I cut a ton of time out. Be sure you are ready if you are looking at this puppy, this is not a beginners torch.

Beast mode!!

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Ok I went from a Bethlehem Bravo to Carlisle CC for a short time and now to this beast. Wow what a difference this torch makes it literally cuts minutes of making things. If you have the money to buy one of these I say do it. I will always have much love for my CC but my delta elite really takes the cake. It does everything I need a torch to do except fume like I'd like it to but I understand it can be done so I haven't given up hope as of yet. I love my delta elite bottom line.

Excellent torch.

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When I started flame working, I didnt want to have to grow into anything, and the funds were available for this torch. I felt it was the right decision for me. I have no complaints on this torch at all. It can do small work with just the inner flame, or fairly large with the outer flame. I like to do precise work, using the pinpoint flame that GTT's are known for. I don't use the outer flame right now as often as I thought I might. I have recently worked on a Mirage, and I found it to be very similar, and for the work that I do, I would probably be completely comfortable with a mirage. However, I know there will be days when I need that full flame, and may even want more. The beauty of the thing in my opinion, is that GTT's hold their value very well, so should you ever decide to move onto another torch, you can get damn near what you paid for it in the first place. If you are just starting, and want a nice torch that will get you by for at least a year, if not more, until you want something bigger... I'd prob suggest the mirage, but If you are like me, why not go bigger... even longer til you need to upgrade? that is if the funds are available.

Deltas are great.

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This really is a great torch. One of my top favorites for the bench setting. It isn't that well suited for a lathe thou, I found this to be because the working distance is too close to the piece being heated. By far one of the best flames produced by a torch maker for Dicro work. Bethlehem is now second. The double oxygen controls make it great for thicker stuff like 9mm wall, but struggles a little with 60mm dia. It's expensive but worth every dollar in the long run, just don't let anyone use it with explaining the minimum candle length. I knew a blower who burnt one of these up by not running it correctly.

She's a champ!


I've owned my Delta for 3-4 years now and I still love it. The inner flame allows me to do fine detail work and the outer flame really kicks ass when it comes to heating up a lot of glass at once. Once you get used to the flame chemistry, every little tuning becomes second nature and muscle memory takes over, making for a fantastic work/art experience. I've occasionally visited other studios and jumped on smaller torches and I've wondered "why is this taking so long to melt!? Oh yeah, it's not my Delta" Great torch, versatile for just about every use. I would also recommend getting a good foot pedal for the other flame and a hand torch with a good tip to help with those fine welds. The 3 together are a perfection combination.