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1/8" Dia. Large Tungsten Probe

5 Reviews
SKU: B021


Pointed, straight tungsten rod mounted in a wood handle. Used to poke holes in glass, make bubbles and more.

Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews

pretty low quality

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this pick is extremly bent, and the tip is roughly sharpened. also not a big fan of the glued-on handle. 14$ is slightly too much for this tool in my opinion.

so handy

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this tungsten pick is great for poking bales, making indents for millies, making a too small bowl hole to perfect size! retains heat well and sharpens well with tungsten sharpener

quality tungsten

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The quality of this tungsten pick is fantastic, it can poke holes and help open up very small openings so your graphite reamers can get at it. If you're using it to poke bales you have to understand the tungsten will cause fuming you don't want on your art. You can however burn this off with a nice hot neutral-oxidizing flame. Also great for indents on doing implosions/compressions to add a much more vivid 3d effect to your marbles or pendants

Nice to have around.

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Good tool to have around just in case you need them. Very sturdy, very well made.

Does great

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Nice and sharp!