Light Cup Shears

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These Light Cup Shears are excellent for trimming hot glass pieces such as cups, goblets and blown vessels. They measure 8" in length, with a 1.5" long blade that is 2.5mm thick. The red handles help protect your hands from the heat and provide easy gripping. Made from stainless steel.

Nice and sturdy

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cut through molten glass nicely, rubber cover has great grip. a little awkward to hold in my hands, but not that noticeable


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These are needed by any glassblower and should be a part of your standard tools because they can come in handy in so many different situations.

Fantastic for the cost!

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When I bought these, I was a bit nervous that they would be sub par due to the price... With extended use I found them to be of good quality, very sturdy and useful!

Cuts Nicely

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Nice tool to have around just in case you need to make a cut. Very well made and a great price as well.

Get these

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I was surprised by how much I ended up using this. It makes cleaning up edges so easy. And clean... This should have been one of the first tools I got, but better late than never. And these are good quality for the price. The handles aren’t great but I never really use them for a long time- so I don’t see needing to replace unless something terrible happens.

Good shears for the price.


I frequently use my shears but I've run into some problems cutting thin layers of glass with these, Theres a good reason why a good quality shares cost a little bit of money.

$20 is a deal but you get what you pay for.

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I am a bit surprised to see so many 5 star reviews. These shears do work but if you squeeze to hard the handles bend, they are easy to bend back. The cutting surface is rough so the leave a thin layer of glass that needs to be swiped. If you have $200 to get better shears I would suggest doing so but for $20 they so work.

Well worth the price of admission

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I was not sure about getting these since I rarely need to cut molten glass, but after the first use, my doubts went away. These cut through hot glass like butter. The price is right too!

Great for the $


For the money they are worth it. Don’t use them often but they work great.



Good shears to have around the bench, useful for trimming and more, they get job done no issues!


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These shears work great for medium to large cups.

My I~tool


I haven’t been in to glass blowing for that long. Mind you anything I’ve learned, I learned with tools I made my self. Up to this point I’ve bought hardly any tools at all. But with the little that I have I will tell you buying these was one of the best decisions I’ve made. ( anyone tells you any different, tell ‘‘em don’t get snippy)