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Mid-Range Plus w/ Mega Minor Topfire Burner - Nortel

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The Mid-Range Plus is a Mid-Range Torch, with a Mega Minor burner mounted on top. Specs: Natural Gas and Oxygen or Propane and Oxygen Cleaning & Maintenance: Cleaning the tubes with a fine needle tool (included with the torch) is all that is required. Use: For production work in soft glass. Borosilicate. Sculptural work. The smaller, top mounted torch has the versatility to still work on small projects without changing out the torch or moving to a new workstation. Both torches can be run simultaneously. Swap back and forth between torches for large projects that require fine detail work with a pin point flame.

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3 reviews

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Square Torch< Top rider >

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I hardly use the bottom(square) torch due to O2 required,imho, to get that sweet spot you really got "turn up"..but dont take me wrong, I love my Middy Plus Power Ranger,but only a month in and I'm already thinking of converting to Max ,perhaps even the max mega.. with such great price I may just do it!

midi Torch

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I had a Red Max I Have a Lynx. And I love this torch has a great amount of heat for pipework an mini tubes. Top torch can be used more as a primary torch.The Red Max was a way hotter of course. But the way it sucked down O2 bottles was ridiculous.

Love this torch.


I love this torch and the versatility of it for my pendant making. This is the only torch I have used but it does everything that I need it to do.