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Mid-Range Plus w/ Surface Mix Topfire Burner - Nortel

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The Mid-Range Plus is a Mid-Range Torch, with a Surface mix burner mounted on top. Specs: Natural Gas and Oxygen or Propane and Oxygen Cleaning & Maintenance: Cleaning the tubes with a fine needle tool (included with the torch) is all that is required. Use: For production work in soft glass. Borosilicate. Sculptural work. The smaller, top mounted torch has the versatility to still work on small projects without changing out the torch or moving to a new workstation. Both torches can be run simultaneously. Swap back and forth between torches for large projects that require fine detail work with a pin point flame.

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Daily Torch For Years

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I went from a Mega Minor to A RedMax and when I realized what a oxygen hog the RedMax was I downsized to this. Disappointed in downsizing I was actually impressed by the heat and oxygen use. I stayed with this torch until just recently when I chose a Bravo. I would buy and use this torch again for sure.

Great upgrade from National 8M!

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I love the whisper of surface mix! The versatilitiy of having the precision of the small torch on top is great for color and those finishing polishes on joints! I love this torch and feel like it could satisfy far beyond what I ever intend to make. I would give it five flames except the base is a little lite for the size and weight of this torch if you don't screw it to the bench, but no big deal just feel like it couldn't hurt to have a little clought. ;-)