Aurora - Northstar

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Aurora is the most unique member of the exotic family. It is the most versatile of the group and produces a wide array of colors from deep magentas and fuchsias to greens and fiery browns. When worked in a highly oxidizing flame Aurora produces deep purples and blues. When worked in a neutral flame Aurora yields bright greens and ambers. When heavily reduced the reds and browns appear. It is well suited for stringer applications and blown work. It looks great cased with clear. Also be sure to try encasing Aurora with NS013 Amber Purple.

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This color rocks...wide ranges of bright metallic greens and fades of pinks...the only reason I rated it a 4 is because of how sensitive it is, you really need to encase in clear to protect it


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This color is awesome under clear encasement, especially if you "marblize", such that some of the Aurora is exposed. Lay this color over a neutral background, like Butterscotch for more depth. Depending on the atmosphere, Aurora will achieve brilliant blues, greens, purples, sea-greens, pinks, yellows, browns. It's an amazing diverity of color spectrum. Use a high oxy flame to bring out blues, greens, purples, or a reducing flame for browns, pinks, yellows. Do not kiln anneal this color if you want to retain the beautiful colors; if you kiln anneal, this color will turn back to browns and yellows. This color has a lot of Cu and Fe; be aware, sometimes particles of Fe will cause cracking issues.


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This color can truly make a piece stand out all by it's self. The variety of hues obtained with only a singe flame chemistry are astounding. Not to mention the extreme pallet change this color experiences between an oxygenating and reducing flame. Great for making stunning visual effects with a single color.