Bubblegum - Northstar

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SKU: NS062
$6.68 / Ounce
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16 +$5.82
1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.

$93.12 / Pound


NS062 Bubblegum is a fully opaque flamingo pink. It is atmospherically stable so it can be worked in any flame without the color being affected. It is flame sensitive so heat it gently in a soft flame. Once it is heated Bubblegum will take a lot of heat without any boiling issues. Bubblegum is a great backing color and well suited for sculpture. Try it as a backing for NS013 Amber Purple, or NS026 Double Amber Purple. It is also a great backing for gold fume.

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7 reviews

To be used unencased.


This color can be finicky, but if you keep in mind that it’s sensitive and treat it like white it behaves well. When blown in an pulled down thinner this color has almost a chalky/grainy look to it.

Reliable pink


Great reliable pink.


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Such an easy working color that maintains its consistency. Works well with encasements line work and sculpting.. looks great with almost every thing purples greens white and cads.

A little lighter in color


A little lighter then the picture, but a great color for solid work. Work like white to prevent boiling, but honestly has a bit of play.

The best pink.

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My favorite pink. Easy to work with and beginner friendly. Heat slowly in neutral flame to avoid boiling.

Works like white


Very nice color only have to be a little careful not to overheat it.

Works great!


Nice soft pink