Hyacinth - Northstar

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$5.03 / Ounce
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1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.

$70.08 / Pound


NS080 Hyacinth is a lush fully opaque faux purple. It is great for blown work and thin stringer application. It is heat and flame sensitive so it must be heated up slowly to prevent boiling. Once it glows red, Hyacinth will take heat well. Because of its intensity it is sensitive to reduction. If the flame is not oxidizing enough gray and brown streaks will develop on the surface of the glass. Try it with a layer of NS032 Violet for a deep purple effect!

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Iffy but can be done


Color looks great when worked properly but it does crack easy. I had a few rods of it and made a few bubblers with it and it didn’t like binding with clear too well.

works great if worked right.


Works great. heat gently to release trapped air. and then you can work it fairly hot. i use a soft flame the whole time while using this color. I gave it five stars because I don't find any issues with the color. some people think low boiling temps is a flaw , I think its a fun obstacle to over come. every color works different and I think therefore every color needs to be respected in its own way.

Opaque ROY G BIV Indigo


A great color for those looking to do a true opaque 7 color rainbow, The best opaque indigo on the market, when working with the indigo borostix on the outside unencased you end up with the same color as hyachinth after greying.

Nice Color


Another great option for use in rainbows (which is what I got it for)...overall great color

Indigo For A darker ROYGBIV Rainbow


Indigo For A darker ROYGBIV Rainbow. Seems to hold up well to pulling in cane work.