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NS065 Cherry is the most eye-catching member of the intense opaque family. It is a bright candy apple red that is well suited for stringer application and blown work. Cherry is slightly sensitive to reduction, so work in a soft neutral flame. Cherry is, however, heat sensitive so it must be worked carefully to prevent boiling. Encasing with clear is another method to shielding the color, but not necessary. Cherry can be easily worked on the surface and will not boil or scar if worked carefully in a soft flame. A nice color effect to try is a layer of NS037 Rootbeer over NS065 Cherry.

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NS Cherry is oh so smooth!


Cherry is one of the most enticing colors from the Northstar catalog for its usability. It melts so smooth and nicely. When put into the flame it turns a dark black color, but when it starts to cool it comes back to a deep dark wonderful red that stands apart from other reds. Having this and the NS. Canary and some Peacock type colors give you such a solid combo. It seems to work very easily so somebody that's new to color will probably learn to appreciate this one as well.

A Gorgeous Red


A beautiful, eye catching, red. Works easily in the flame and keeps that deep color. Looks great with Northstar Onyx, and Northstar Star White for a classic look!

Off The Charts Red


This color is off the charts....a little unnatural of a Red but I still use it for flowers at times because it just POPS!

Beautiful if treated right

by -

this color really is a beautiful flat red. its great encased in implosions or as flower petals. as with any cadmium color you do need to warm it up gently to avoid boiling. if it does boil it turns a dull grey and can have a rough texture. take is slow and easy and you should be good.
<br>if you are making small dots you may be more prone to boiling, so keep that in mind.

pretty, saturate opaque red


This is a really pretty, saturate opaque red. I use it for rainbows, but think it has application used as vessel lip wraps and other line work.

Smooth and bright


This is absolutely a staple of a color. It gives just the right pop of red. I use it in my marbles and pendants without problems.