Canary - Northstar

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1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.

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NS063 Canary is a bright intense opaque lemon yellow. It is eye catching and is well suited for stringer application, and blown work. It is not terribly sensitive to flame chemistry but stay out of overly reducing flames. Canary, however, is heat sensitive so it must be worked carefully to prevent boiling. Encasing with clear is another method to shielding the color, but not necessary. Canary can be easily worked on the surface and will not boil or scar if worked carefully in a soft flame. For a nice color effect layer NS009 Yellow over NS063 Canary.

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15 reviews

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vibrant color

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great color, always stands out, boils easy tho

Great saturation

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Love the saturation of this yellow. Treat with care and it will reward you.

A Perfect Yellow


I bought some of each cadmium color in northstar's standard range to determine which ones I liked best. I much preferred Goldenrod to Canary in the rod, as the canary looked very glaring. However, after working with the goldenrod, I realized I needed a brighter yellow. I'm not sure if it is an illusion or an actual effect, but after working Canary looses that harsh glare and becomes a gorgeous yellow. It looks especially lovely against Cobalt. Like any cadmium color, it is very prone to boiling.

Opague yellow


Awesome color! I love using it for stringer work although can be blown out!

Only one


Only glass that works for me and is up to my standards.

Nice Yellow


I love this color for flower stamens....It is not as sensitive as I thought it would be ...just make sure it warms up before you hit it with the heat and try to heat it indirectly when going real hot...Works for me anyway..

Must have


This color next to a bright blue really is next level beautiful.

EXTREMELY vibrant yellow


This is an EXTREMELY vibrant yellow. I use it for rainbows, but be careful to match it with other bright rainbow colors, as if you match it with dark greens and blues, it will overwhelm them. It is a very similar color to the Origin Boro Bars Sunshine yellow, but easier to work.



Nice yellow but it does boil easy if your not careful.



It's yellow... and you can do yellow things with it for sure.

Good yellow


Very forgiving for a crayon color works well encased in clear

Great bright yellow color


Great yellow color, very prone to boiling but still an excellent opacity even when sleeved and pulled down.

Best glass ever!

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Very nice lower heat kind color but over all amazing 👏 always 100%



This is a great crayon color!!!

Not easy to work with but a good opaque yellow


Not an easy color, but in my opinion this yellow is much easier working than any of the other yellow crayon colors on the market.