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1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.


As suggested by this color’s name, there are numerous exciting effects that can be yielded from NS003 Multi. If you are new to the world of striking colors, Multi is a great forgiving start. When worked in an oxidizing flame this color produces smoky blues and sea greens. When reduced, NS003 Multi yields earthy reds and gold tones. This color works well in moderately thin blown work and sculpture. To yield other interesting effects, try encasing NS003 Multi with clear, or with a transparent color such as NS025 Peach. To intensify NS003 Multi's appearance, try backing it with an opaque color such as NS054 Star White.

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6 reviews


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i like the multi for stems and leafs for flowers it alows light through it and gives nice blue silver colors, carfull not to reduce to much or you will make a haze on it.

Love the haze.


Love the blush haze, slight blue fume on clear from. Good blue grean dense color.

Good colored glass


Gives out cool effects with lots of different colors, looks really nice on slides.
<br>Works great in the flame.

Lots of colors!

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Definitely one of my favorite colors. So many possibilities



Interesting color that does Interesting things... and if you run out of silver you can fume with it and get Interesting resilts.

Interesting easy working color but haven't found a niche

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The rods were easy to work and were compatible with the processes I tried, but I didn't find the results very compelling. For example, there are some recommendations floating around about using it as an overlay over a solid green. I tried using it as an overlay over Jade and while the results were visually interesting, there are so many great colors to choose from. Eventually I will come back and try a few more things, but until then my last couple sticks of Multi languish waiting on a use.