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22 Reviews
SKU: NS088
$3.91 / Ounce
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$72.64 per Pound

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1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.


NS088 Pomegranate is the lightest shade of the self striking ruby family Northstar currently offers. This color is an easy to use color that will turn transparent once hot, but as it cools (depending on the thickness will strike back to red.) Because this color is so unsaturated, the final strike must take place to in a kiln. The strike is easily repeatable and the final color is not affected by soaking in the kiln for long periods of time.

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22 reviews

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Vibrant Color

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Love this color! So easy to work with and very forgiving in the flame. Definitely has to be one of my favorite colors to use.

Excellent Ruby

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I really like this color. It is saturated enough to give a nice red but not too much. It is perfect for laying on top of more saturated colors to get new effects. In a gather it has a gemstone like clarity to it that is beautiful. It does have to finish the strike in the kiln. I find Pomegranite to be a red you can count on for consistent strikes throughout the whole piece and the workability is excellent and works almost like clear. Very beginner friendly in regards to not boiling also. I have tried almost every red out there but this is one of my favorites. I hope they never stop making this.

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Air free and butter smooth. My go to transparent red.

A staple for every glass shop


Pommy is a staple in my shop. Such an easy working air free transparent red. Really nothing else compares to it. Other reds like to "liver out" and turn all sorts of weird off shades, not Pommy! This stuff will stay that gorgeous ruby shade no matter how much you work it.

Pomegranate is awesome!


One of my all time favorites! Super buttery and extremely easy to work. Looks awesome by itself, also looks really great layered under or over other colors. I always make sure to have a stash of pomegranate on hand!

Love this red


definitely a high quality red with virtually no air content! super easy to work with and strikes really well. Pomegranate is my go to for transparent ruby red!

Thumbs up


Great transparent striking red



Works great and looks great, just make sure to keep thick

This red!


Best red color and rod to work with

Better than Elvis


Smooth dense works like butter I like it better than Elvis.

Soft and easy to work


Easy color to work, great for coilpots or sleeving.

Best red


North Star pomegranate is my favorite transparent red on the market

One if my favorites


This has become one of my favorites to use for accents on dichroic over cobalt. Even backing for encased white opals , it adds a nice /different luminosity from below the opal.

A Great Base Red for Beginners and Pros

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Very stable and predictable red. great for beginners; it does boil and it doesn't get livery even if you work it for a long time or garage or strike it in your kiln for a long time.
<br>while working it will go relatively clear as noted in the description. it wont really turn red until you strike it in the kiln. because of this you will be a very predictable red color with the completed product.
<br>works well for thick sculptures (though can start to get a bit dark if it is much more than 1 inch thick) and also works well encased in clear. may fade out a bit if you blow it out very thin.



Great striking red works watery

Very nice


Pomegranate quickly became one of my favorite colors. It is a very deep red that is easy to work with.



One of my favorite colors!

Smooth and Transparent


Really smooth and easy to use. Nice and transparent. It can sometimes show layering lines or have a slight tinge/haze in spots.

Easily workable red without livering issues.

by -

Northstars Pomegranite is just what I want when I am looking to make something with a red not as intense or dark. Its Cherry Juice like color is perfect for many of the holiday creations I make with it.
<br>It works smooth and easy and I can count on it to give the same color time and again.


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Best striking red on the market

a must-have especially for oxycon users

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bright and vibrant ruby red with 0 fear of livering...oxycon users rejoice!



Been experimenting with this color and has been good for the most part the only part I don't like is if you don't put enough on it don't pop enough