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F240 Front Load Digital Kiln w/ Top & Side Elements - 240 Volt - Width: 18.0" - Height: 13.0" - Depth: 18.0" - Paragon

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Anneal large glass figurines in the digital F-240 lamp working kiln. Raise the spring-loaded vertical-drop door to insert a glass figurine with a punty rod. Lower the door. The punty rods or mandrels will extend outside the firing chamber through the small punty rod doors. This allows even large glass pieces to anneal safely.


Punty rod doors retain the heat


Two 4” x 7 1/2” punty rod doors will give you plenty of room to work with. Because of a gap under the punty rod doors, you can usually close them all the way even when mandrels extend past the firing chamber. Two layers of woven gaskets under each door help to hold in the heat. Powerful rare-earth magnets hold the punty rod doors in the open and closed positions. To help retain heat, the ceramic fiber punty rod doors are 2” thick.


Adjustable slide-out mandrel holder


We have added an adjustable mandrel holder to the front of the kiln. Adjust it horizontally and vertically without tools. Position the heavy-duty welded mandrel holder from 1 1/4” to 12” from the front edge of the main floor. (A firebrick extension on the front of the kiln fits under the punty rod doors beyond the front edge of the kiln floor.) Then tighten the mandrel holder with the thumb screws on each side of the kiln. The holder slides inside steel tubes mounted in the base of the kiln. The stainless steel mandrel rest, which includes 14 slots, can also be adjusted vertically.


New thicker firebricks in the F-240


The firebricks in the roof, walls, door, and bottom are 3” thick. This is 20% more insulation than the standard 2 1/2” firebricks in the walls and bottom of our earlier F-240 kilns. The extra insulation enables the F-240 to maintain a temperature hold with greater ease. A firebrick ledge extends 3” past the punty rod doors as a handy working surface.


Safety testing


For your safety the F-240 is rigorously tested by TUV to meet UL and CSA standards. TUV is Germany’s leading testing lab. We can make the F-240 for any electrical system in the world. The F-240 includes a safety on/off switch for your convenience. Electrical components stay cool in a slotted base. No extra stand is needed for your kiln.


Deluxe mercury relays are standard


We have upgraded the F-240 with the deluxe mercury relay, which controls the cycling of the heating elements. The relay is industrial grade and heavy-duty for extra long life. Ask experienced glass artists what they think of the relay.

Glass is fired in the kiln on a shelf. Coat the shelf with glass separator to prevent the glass from sticking to the shelf. Place short posts between the shelf and the kiln bottom to circulate heat around the shelf.

Paragon’s durable cordierite shelves resist warpage and thermal shock. They are volume-stable.


Side & Top elements are now standard in this F-240


The F-240 elements heat from the top, sides and back of the kiln in dropped, recessed wall grooves. (This type of groove protects the elements.)


Features of the F-240

- On/off switch

- Safety pilot light

- Elements in the walls, protected in dropped, recessed grooves

- 3” insulating refractory firebricks throughout the firing chamber

- Optional door safety switch

- Electrical components stay cool in a slotted base. No extra stand is needed.

- Long-life electrical system

- Coated roof for extra durability

- Precisely balanced spring-loaded vertical-drop door

- 2 - 4” x 7 1/2” punty rod doors

- Double gaskets under the 2" thick punty rod doors

- Thermocouple with high-nickel stainless steel sheath for long life

- Rare earth magnets hold the punty rod doors open or closed.

- Deluxe mercury relay

- TUV tested to UL and CSA standards

- Mar-proof plastic feet

- Made in the USA.


Thermocouple with “special limit” wire


The thermocouple senses temperature inside the kiln. It is the small rod that extends into the firing chamber. The ¼” wide Type-K, 14-gauge, exposed-tip thermocouple is made with special-limit wire for superior accuracy. The exposed tip gives the controller a fast response time for even temperatures during holds. The thermocouple is made in America to our exacting standards.


Designed for production


Paragon’s warranty is not affected by frequency of use. Fire your new kiln every day if you want, even in commercial settings. That will have no effect on the warranty period.



- Warranty: Two Year Limited Warranty

- Max Temp: 1700° F | 926° C

- Voltage: 240

- Amps: 20

- Phase: 1

- Hertz: 60

- Watts: 4800

- Cordset: NEMA 6-20P

- Controller: Paragon Touch Express by Bartlett Instrument Company

- Kiln Type: Front Loading Square

- Sides: 4


Chamber Dimensions:

- Chamber Volume: 2.40 CU.FT. | 67.96 Liters

- Width: 18.0″ - 457mm

- Depth: 18.0″ - 457mm

- Height: 13.0″ - 330mm

- Outer Size: 29.0″W x 34.5″D x 29.0″H | 737W x 876D x 737H mm

- Ship Size: 37.0″W x 42.0″D x 39.0″H | 940W x 1067D x 991H mm

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Great Kiln

by -

I love my F-240, the only suggestion I would make to you guys is to either reccomend to customers to buy separator with the kiln, or include it in the packaging. One small product kept me from firing this up for a week.

Step Up Your Game!

by -

This was by far my most exciting glass tool purchase. I strongly suggest going with the top and side elements, its worth a few extra bucks. Even when I open the door to put a big piece in, it gets right back to temp in a fraction of the time. Absolutely love this thing. Jealous of the new punty door but will be adding this feature to my older one soon. Plenty of room to make something huge, do a 16 hour prodo day, or work with someone else and have enough space for everyone. Great kiln.