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Northstar Glassworks Inc.

North Star Glass Works Inc.

Northstar Glassworks Inc. is the premier borosilicate color glass manufacturer in the United States. A small business based in Portland, OR striving to make the best products in the color glass industry, they are the pioneers of borosilicate color rod and tubing.

With Abe Fleishman and his amazing team at the helm, they offer the widest range of colors known to the industry. Their hard work and creative innovation to better their current products and create new one's is dedicated to the artist to advance their skill and knowledge about glass.

Northstar Glassworks Inc. manufactures Borocolour® rod, frit, powder, tube, cane and Precision 104 soft glass to strike the imagination and astounding talent of glass artists far and wide. Northstar loves working with artists who challenge them with ideas to create something new and unique. They continue to be amazed and humbled as they watch their glass come alive through the awesome and sometimes outrageous creativity in each artist.

Northstar Glassworks’ Borosilicate color palette is the most comprehensive and highest quality in the industry. Northstar offers:
- More than 100 fully compatible colors
- Many of the favorite opal hues of the soda-lime palette
- An array of exciting striking colors unique to the borosilicate palette
- Continually working developing new and exciting additions

Mountain Glass Arts offers the following from Northstar Glassworks:
- Northstar First Quality Rod
- Northstar Odd Quality Rod
- Northstar Second Quality Rod
- Northstar Tube & Tubing
- Northstar Frit