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6" Straight Reverse Tweezers

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6" Straight Reverse Tweezers - These 6 1/2" tweezers are always closed until you compress them open. The straight tip makes picking up small objects, metals & gems a breeze. A must have for bead and pendant artists. They also work very well for opening up those pesky holes that get too small.

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A Must Have

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I can't tell you all the uses for these. They're great for inserting into a small opening and while pulling the tweezers back out squeeze them to flare open the opening to the desired size. Excellent for holding small pieces, opals and such.

More Useful than you might think

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Thats right these saved me more times than I can count. Great for picking up scrap pieces or dropped hot pieces. Perfect for holding loops on pendants while you crack the cold seal.

One of my favorite and most used tools!

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These are incredibly useful for opening small holes and grabbing small pieces of molts glass from projects. They will get sticky if they get too hot and can't be worked in the flame, but for the price, I bought two and will always have a set on hand!

Love these things!

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Affordable and super reliable, there’s rarely a day I don’t use them. Primarily to flare small-openings or pendant bails.

Buy 2

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Love these tweezers. The tool I reach for most often. Great for opening small holes, use as a reamer, flaring small tubing, holding small pieces.
<br>If you do any hollow work they are indispensable.

More useful than they appear


love using these for widening blow tube ends to a specific diameter.