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Brilliant Blue - Glass Alchemy

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SKU: GA0592
$5.04 / Ounce
1 – 15$5.04
16 +$4.38
1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.

$70.08 / Pound


Glass Alchemy altered the refractive index to make this a vibrant blue. It plays well with all colors, especially silver ones. This is a must have for any studio. Brilliant Blue plays well with all colors, especially silver ones.

Working Tip: Work in neutral flame to avoid reduction (gray streaks).

Product Specifications:
Each rod is approximately 20" in length and 7mm in diameter.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:
"This color is a shade darker than Cobalt 1 and a great deal more vibrant.

When trying to describe the subtle difference that Brilliant Blue has compared to other cobalt colors, it is tough until you see them side by side. Brilliant Blue is brighter, it has more pop. As other cobalt's get thicker they darken in vibrancy and transparency, Brilliant Blue can be used in solid color sculpture and have that vibrant tone emanate from its core.

Brilliant Blue works wonderfully and can handle all types of flame settings and mixes. No need to over oxidize with Brilliant Blue because it does not have any tendency to go gray. Great for blown and solid work, Brilliant Blue is a staple Glass Alchemy color for the palette.”

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stringer madness

by -

get a carribean blue boro bar, cover it with this and pull it out into stringers. looks better than cobalt in this application. thank me later

The name says it all "brilliant."

by -

This is by far my favorite clear cobalt. It really pops over white or other light opaques. Great in all applications. Very appealing in imploded flowers (layered over white and pulled into stringers). Just make sure the layer of blue is thick enough it doesn't thin out too much when pulled out or you will lose much of the blue. I haven't tried Tyler's tip of this over carribean blue. That sounds like one to try.

The best cobalt

by -

This color was recommended to me by John Kobuki and I haven't used any other lighter cobalts. Looks great coil potted over another color, when put over white it really pops. This color can be encased with no problems

Great for sculpting.

by -

Brilliant Blue really is more vibrant than standard cobalt blues, and it resists graying when reduced. Works well for small sculpted pieces: it's a little stiffer than clear, but in the easy-to-control way, not the will-it-ever-melt way. And the color really does pop.