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Two Wheel Bench Rollers / Yoke

6 Reviews
SKU: EQ015


The Bench Rollers / Yoke come with a weighted base and adjustable wheels that can be moved in or out. With the adjustment of a wing nut, the wheels can be brought closer for small tubing or spread apart for larger tubing. The Bench Rollers also have an adjustable height from 7.5" to 11.5".

Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews

It'll work

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like the other reviews have stated, it's pretty crude. The wheels are wobbly and spaced too far apart to be used with a punty or anything smaller than about 10mm.

Decent Rollers, Great for big stuff

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These rollers are not too bad, but they are lacking in some areas. The base is very sturdy and heavy. Pretty basic design, rollers aren't as smooth as others. Great rollers overall for the price.

good for somethings

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i found these rollers great when working with very large pieces of tubing (40mm+) but when using them for smaller stuff the wheels don't go close enough together to keep the pieces spinning smoothly. these rollers also lack bearings so the wheels can be a little sticky with too much weight or too little. i would recommend these if you are looking to work large tubing but not for marbles because of the problem with the wheels.

Just needs washers.

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Got these rollers a couple of months ago and found that the other reviews are correct, these can get sticky. Now for the good news, most of the issues with them can be solved by adding a few washers, two regular and one lock washer. That allows you to place the washers on either side of the sleeve for the wheel and then actually tighten them so the wheels don't move. After that, they are sweet for the money!

Get two

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Not great by itself, I got two and it works much better.

Amazing tool for the value!!


Great for supporting the weight of 25mm tubing while breaking it down.