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CC+ Rack & Pinion Mount Torch - 4 Inlet - #5 Centerfire - Carlisle

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The plus series is similar to a regular CC but the torch head is almost twice as large. The plus has 3 rows of burner ports vs 2 on the regular CC.

The 4 Inlet Version will require the purchase of an extra set of hoses and Y connectors if you are not using a foot pedal right away and may require additional fittings if you are. Please call if you have any questions and we will be happy to help.

The Carlisle CC+ Burner is a larger version of the CC burner. It has an added row of tubes on the outer fire resulting in a larger flame. This burner may be used with a mixture of oxygen and either natural gas or propane.

This burner produces two distinctive flames, the center fire (pre-mixed) and the outer fire (surface mixed). The center fire, which has characteristics of a single ported tip.

The outer shell of the CC+ is manufactured from brass (SS optional). The brass shell is threaded onto a machined brass body. For fuel gas supply, four metering valves are attached to the back of the mixer body. These valves are color coded for ease of use. The oxygen valves have green handles while the gas valves have red handles.

The CC+ is also available with four separate inlets to allow for the use of foot controllers. The standard hose connections on the CC+ are welding hose "B fittings".

The Rack and Pinion style mount utilizes a pinion gear to pivot the burner in an arc, offering greater range of positioning than the Ball and Post mount. The user can adjust a knob on the side of the mounting device for quick, accurate positioning.

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