Ekho 2 - Double Helix

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$6.30 / Ounce
1 – 7$6.30
8 – 15$5.78
16 +$5.25
1/4 lb. - $25.20
1/2 lb. - $46.24
1 lb. - $84.00

Made in the USA.
COE 104 – Soft Glass.


Ekho 2 is a dual color, capable of both reducing and striking; it works best if you choose one technique or the other. Ekho 2 is a reformulated version of Ekho. A nucleation system was used, resulting in a glass that is easier to strike.

Ekho 2 can be used as a surface luster, an encased pearlescent luster, struck on the surface or struck under a thin encasement layer.

For best results in a striking application, apply a thin layer of clear glass to encase, then reset the Ekho 2, cool, and strike the color through the clear.

COE 104.

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amazing versatility

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this glass is simply awesome. I work on a hothead and all that know that torch , know how challenging it can be to get silver glass to do it's thing on a hothead. this glass does not disappoint! if you get it really hot, to the point of going clear, you will get deep rich fiery ambers that really pop if placed on top of sterling silver foil. If reduced just a bit, for a nice soft luster, once encased it becomes this ethereal blue ghostly wisp of color on surface of rich amber. the longer you reduce it - the more opaque the film becomes, so you can achieve many nuances of color with this glass. what I love about this glass as well, is that it gives you plenty of latitude when working with it before it turns to muddy color, like so many other silver glasses tend to do if overworked.