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GTT Phantom - 4 port Torch

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The Phantom utilizes the Lynx design for an independent center fire surrounded by a fifteen jet outer fire. It has a wide range of possible flame characteristics: small micro needle flames to work detailed areas, large oxidized flames to work large pieces, and any flame type needed in between. The GTT Phantom is an extremely versatile and powerful unit and it is equipped with barbed fittings.

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beast for the money

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I started with glass on a nortel midrange+. after about a year i upgraded to this and i felt like an idiot not having bought it before. the phantom is a super hot torch that can do way more than most would expect. you can rage this thing to melt 75 mil, though you have to be patient. the torch is VERY oxygen efficient. the long lynx flame is unmatched for I/O work. I now run a Kobuki(which has a phantom middle flame) and i run the phantom flame 90% of the time. awesome torch for the money, hotter than a carlisle.


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this is my current torch, and I love it. everyday in the studio is a joy, knowing I have this beauty to work with. Clean, efficient, predictable, and smooth as the glass she melts, my Phantom is my favorite tool. The four studs allow me to run the center and outer flames both on seperate oxy concentrators, and it still produces super hot and raging flames on both. So hot yet so cool - the flame is so clean, no fuel or carbon spitting in my work. The triple mix allows the precision of handling the GTT guys are known for.

Cream of the crop

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I went from an Mega-minor/Red Max combo to the phantom. All I can say after a year of owning it, is wow. The penetration of the heat is unbelievable. I know have to know what Im doing before I get the glass in the flame and not think about it while its warming the glass up. I use substantially less oxygen and fuel than I used to. I have my hooked up to a foot switch with a custom blast shield marver and this was well worth the investment. This torch isnt huge in size which at first lead me to believe that I should have got the Mirage. Behold ... the power of triple mix! Its so quiet and efficient and versatile, I cant see myself owning anything else in the future. Well worth the money and the wait to get it.

The last torch I'll ever need to buy.

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After working on a carlisle wildcat and a redmax for 2 years I purchase the phantom. This torch is a game changer. The flame is adjustable from a 1" long needle flame to a big wide bushy flame to a hard drive lightsaber flame and everywhere in between. The triple mix technology allows you to achieve an amazing variety of flames in both size and chemistry. The 4 stud option allows you to use a foot pedal to control your flame which saves you time, oxygen, propane, and broken pieces from pausing to adjust your flame by hand. Another great thing about the phantom is that I am able to run it off of oxygen concentrators alone without the need for a high volume oxygen system. Tanked oxygen is insanely expensive ($71 for a 155cf tank) where I'm located and isn't an option for me. I don't get the full power capabilities of the torch but it's hasn't stopped me from making an amazing variety of pieces on this. The torch controls take a bit of getting used to but one you get the feel for it you'll be spinning them knobs without even thinking about it. The price may seem high but as long as you clean and maintain the torch it will last you a lifetime. Amazing torch.

Excellent torch

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Weather your a beginner or intermediate level, this torch will be great for your purposes. My plan is to use this untill i NEED something bigger and then keep it for a backup!

go big or small

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i work on a phantom every day and can say i love it, other people say they do not like the smaller less dense outer fire but i say the exact opposite. i really like how you can gradually step up the heat from the lynx flame to the phantom outer fire. another thing i found worked very well was adding a foot pedal for hands free turning on of the outer fire. i would recommend this torch to anyone looking for an extremely versatile torch that can go big or small and would like to mention that raising gas and oxygen pressures can make this torch perform like i never thought it could and do 1lb+ tubing knuckle pulls. great torch for any and all skill levels!

Well Worth It

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This torch is simply amazing. For the size and price you can't go wrong with it. Big or small work this torch will get the job done. I would say this is an intermediate torch and you won't have to upgrade for a very long time.

This torch is Phantastic!

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I have an older 2 post Phantom that I have been running for 15 years. I have ran most companies torches and have also owned Mirage and Delta. There is no comparison, GTT makes the best torches, period! I jumped back down to the Phantom cause to me it's all I need. The flame can handle any size glass I throw at it. If I want to do something small and delicate. Perfect! Want large goblet or fishbowl. No problem! You are the only limit this torch has. Start heating your glass from the inside out! Don't understand what I mean? Fire up your new Phantom or any GTT torch and you will quickly understand

think about this....

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Gtt's Outer ring will run cooler than you think, if you have the extra money go for a mirage, your work will thank you, specially if u plan on doing multi sectional work. or maybe a big Vortex marble? yes you can get it done, but if i could go back i would have gone with a mirage! but yes this torch rips, but its just not enough heat anymore....

Perfect starter torch

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If you are looking for a versatile and powerful torch that you will not outgrow for a while, the Phantom is it. Perfect for solid work, marbles up to around 2.5", or small blown work. The Phantom is super efficient on o2 which is a big help too. The only drawback to this torch, if you can even call it that, is the flame width. If you are looking to do more blown / vessel work, this may not be the torch for you. It rocks everything else you put in front of it though!


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this torch is AMAZING i spent monthssss looking into what kind of torch i should buy as a beginner with plans to shortly make glassblowing my profession, this torch is soooo hot i can melt 50 mm tubing in less than a minute, and for a beginner you dont need more heat than this is throwing out unless you plan on working bigger than 50mm extra heavy tubing this wont cut it but for anything less it will kick some serious heat around but it wil also allow a micro needle flame for the most intricate detail but BEWARE ITS AN OXYGEN MONSTER! it will suck a125 oxygen tank empty in less than 5 hours max with the psi at 15 wich is half of what they say its rated for at gtt i can operate this torch at 35 pounds of air and just WOW for the price is all i can say


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I learned on a carlisle cc, so when it was time to get a torch I was torn between that and the phantom. Really glad I waited for the GTT and didn't get the cc, both are great torches but I really love the adjustability of flames you can get from this torch. It has plenty of flame range for an intermediate glassblower, someone who is advanced or does a ton of prodo work might want to go with a mirage or delta.

GTT Phantom

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Another Excellent part of the GTT fam. This torch is probably the best possible starter torch. Its a bit expensive compared to most of the suggested starters. But you won't outgrow this torch with any haste. It can range a flame from a laserbeam up to a solid thick phantom heat base. I decided to upgrade to the Mirage when i got a lathe station. Mothership Studios picked up my used Phantom. A+ Torch. With or Without a pedal.


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Had a cheetah, upgraded to Phantom, love everything about GTT torches!