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GTT's instructional DVD is now available to view at and will no longer be included with torches.

The Samurai Torch is a three stage Triple Mix torch with separately controlled center, middle and outer fires. The center fire is the standard 7 jet Lynx torch. The middle fire is the Mirage torch with 33 jets, and the outer fire has 32 jets. The Samurai torch was designed for those who love the Mirage size flame, but needed more heat for fast melt-ins and rapid heating for production work. This torch is sized exactly between the Kobuki and the Delta Mag with 72 jets total in the Samurai Torch.

The Samurai torch was designed to be compact, making it easy to work behind, without the torch blocking the line of view. A single stage or two stage foot pedal can be used to control the Mirage second fire and the Samurai outer fire.

The Samurai torch comes with 2' of 3/16" hose and adapters with filter screens to adapt to standard 1/4" ID grade "T" hose on each stud. The Samurai torch comes standard with a purple manifold, red, blue and green valve caps and rack and pinion adjustment. It is mounted on a powder coated base that has holes for securing the base to the work table. Also included are complete instructions and a cleaning kit.

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Samuright choice of torch

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To begin, this is my favorite company and by far my favorite torch I will ever own. GTT has the best torch on the market, and I believe I can say this owning both a GTT and a Herbert Arnold. Yes they both have different approaches to glass, so I guess thats why I love the GTT more than the Herbie. The amount of driven heat from this torch will certainly get hot, so a great, not just a good, ventilation system is something I recommend. This however is not for your first time flame workers. You should consider a phantom or even a lynx before jumping on this beast. After going from the red max to the phantom, and then wanting a flame to surround a larger vessel, I chose this torch and I was glad I did. It is basically the Delta Elite, with a few extra jets, and is more efficient than the Delta Elite. I love the option to use the last outer fire, and to conserve gas/o2 in the process.