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GTT's instructional DVD is now available to view at www.glasstorchtech.com and will no longer be included with torches.

The Kobuki Torch is a three stage Triple Mix torch with separately controlled center, middle and outer fires. The center fire is the standard 7 jet Lynx torch. The middle fire is the Phantom torch with 15 jets, and the outer fire is a single ring with 32 jets. The Kobuki torch was designed for those who love the Phantom size flame, but needed more heat for fast melt-ins and rapid heating for production work.

This torch is capable of imitating no less than 4 other torches plus a flame type all its own. The Kobuki has the flame types of the Lynx, Phantom, Mirage, Delta Elite and the wider Kobuki flame. This is a highly versatile torch that is a great option for those that need the heat of the Delta Elite with the option of having the entire lineup of torches that lead up to it.

The Kobuki torch was requested by, and ultimately named after the world renowned artist John Kobuki. He loved his Phantom, but desired more heat for a faster penetrating heat. The Kobuki torch was designed to be compact, making it easy to work behind without the torch blocking the line of view. A single stage or two stage foot pedal can be used to control the Phantom second fire and the Kobuki outer fire. From the tiny pinpoint flame of the 7 jet Lynx center fire to the capability and wider than a Delta Elite flame, this torch is the ultimate in versatility.

The Kobuki torch comes with 2' of 3/16" hose and adaptors with filter screens to adapt to standard 1/4" ID grade "T" hose on each stud. The Kobuki torch comes standard with a purple manifold, red, blue and green valve caps and rack and pinion adjustment. It is mounted on a powder coated base that has holes for securing the base to the work table. Also included are complete instructions and a cleaning kit.

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I upgraded to this from a phantom, and although i still use the phantom ring 90% of the time, having the extra heat is more than you can ask for. nearly every artist that has used one names it the most versatile torch in the GTT lineup. i have yet to max out it capabilities, and probably never will. this is the torch you will never need to upgrade from. the GTT wait time is a total bummer, but the best path is the hardest one :)


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This torch is a full package of GTT magic! Mixed reviews came from varying view points prior to my purchase, but honestly this torch fills in all the needed gaps quite well. Such a wide variance in flame between the 3 stages and I don't feel anything is wasted or left to be desired. It is a commitment, but I do not regret getting this torch one bit! Thanks MGA for making it a quick, painless purchase and I recommend this beast 100% to anyone considering it.

versatility is the name o

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Great torch!probably one of the best available for the professional glass blower. With the phantom middle fire being perfect for 90% of day to day use, the third stage outer ring offers the extra umph, that was needed to make almost perfect phantom..ideal and the perfect mix of power and versatility..Pick the kobuki and or a ninja with the phantom middle fire and I'll bet my reputation that it will be the last torch you will ever need...buy the best once or buy mediocrity for the rest of your life...its up to you

I love my torch.


This is the torch you want, it will run nice on concentrators.
<br>It is the best. You will love it.

“Get yourself a kobuki yesterday”


“I absolutely love my kobuki, honestly wish I had money to buy another to travel with !”