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11/9 w/ 4" Flip Door & Digital AF3P Controller - Jen-Ken

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$1,236.00 Retail
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The 11/9 with Digital AF3P controller and 4" flip door is great for lampworking and can be converted for fusing and slumping by using the brick plug in the flip door. This kiln comes standard with the AF3P Orton digital 3-button controller.



- Warranty: Two Year Limited Warranty

- Max Temp: 1500° F | 816° C

- Voltage: 120

- Amps: 13

- Watts: 1560

- Cordset: Nema 5-15R

- Controller: Digital AF3P

- Kiln Type: Top Loading

- Sides: 6


Chamber Dimensions:

- Width: 11.0″ - 279mm

- Depth: 11.0″ - 279mm

- Height: 9″ - 229mm

- Ship Size: 25.0″W x 25.0″D x 20.0″H | 640W x 640D x 508H mm

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JK 119D Kiln

by -

Very nice small Kiln and comes with everything needed for 1st firing. Works great for boro and soft glass. 6 programs 8 segments, digital controls, kiln posts and shelf included. Comes with kiln wash and blocks. More than enough room for most lampworking projects. Well worth the extra 185$ to go digital (this way it cycles down automatically and I can multi task/leave and return w/o a melt down or disaster) but is wonderful for hold/soak times and kiln striking. If you need a small kiln- this is it! (Some people may want a bead/punty door rest-that's the only thing I want to install with a 2nd shelf). This Jen Ken is customizable for accessories.

Great starting kiln

by -

This is a really good choice for someone looking to get started with working boro. The digital controller is a must for ramping temperatures, and it's easy enough to program for the different thicknesses of your glass projects. The flip door is nice feature for garaging your projects to keep them warm and crack-free. I also love how big it is inside for the price. You really can't go wrong with this one if you are trying to get the most kiln for your dollar.

A nice Kiln

by -

This is my first kiln and I've had it for just over two months without problems. I only use it for lampworking, but it was clearly designed to handle more. That said, it's probably not the best kiln for you if you intend to go purely lampworking and I mildly regret not going with a side opening kiln. Pros- Comes with leg blocks (no metal stand though), kiln wash, a circle shelf that fits most of the space inside and is roughly level with the side opening, and 3 small blocks for the shelf. Huge inside space for the price. Cons- Shelf blocks were slightly different sizes. I don't know if that was intentional, but it's never really seemed to effect my work. The side door will fight you to open it all the way so that it stays open without holding it. I've never really had a reason to hold it open and I don't think it would be a huge deal if I did. The inside is large, but if you're putting glass in while its hot, it's not likely going in the top door at 1000+ degrees. That means anything you want to garage has to fit through a 4 inch side door. Final Thoughts- It's a great kiln. It gets hot and it does what a kiln is built for. It doesn't feel cheap and it isn't trying to hide any flaws. More or less what you see is what you get. Spend the extra money and go digital. I've never owned an analog kiln, but the controller for this one is easily useful enough to convince me that I never will.

Dope kiln

by -

This is my first kiln - I have it set up on a steel table in my home studio. It heats up to 1000°F in just over an hour. So far I've annealed several pieces with minimal monitoring and the working door has come in very handy. The shipping was very quick and everyone at Mountain Glass has been really helpful.

perfect buy

by -

Had my eye on a few different ones, after talking with mountain glass and doing further research, I got this guy. Perfect kin to start with and keep around down the road for small items even if u get a larger one for big items . Digital controller is definitely worth the extra few bucks, I don't have to baby sit it or pay attention to the time, just check on it occasionally to see how long till my stuff is done and being able to plug into a standard outlet is great , no limits to where I can set it in my shop, well worth it and best decision I could have chosen for the budget I was on!

JK AF3 11x11x9

by -

This was my first kiln. I used it for 4+ years before i ever had an issue. Only issue was the relay went out. Cost me under 20$ to fix, and about 10 min. Otherwise it has been a very reliable boro kiln. The door access is slightly inconvenient, but 100x better than no bead door. There is a slight dropoff inside from the side access, so marbles and smaller things can sometimes fall down below the platform. Only a slight inconvenience.

Great value.


Great kiln for a beginner or someone on a low budget. Love the digital controller, makes it easy to change schedules and strike colors. Would 💯 recommend to anyone looking at it as an option for the money!

Great beginner kiln but bead door isn't ideal.


Great beginner kiln for the space, relay went after 5+ years of use. Platform and door setup arent ideal though. The edge on my bead door slowly wore down and wont stay open.