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National 3B-B torch with "B" threaded hose connections

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National Oxy/Gas Hand Torch with threaded fittings - This is a widely respected and versatile premix torch for lampworking. Economical gas usage, ease of operation, and low cost replacement parts make this a great beginners torch that will last for years to come. Also a perfect torch to consider if you are a beadmaker looking to try your hand at lampworking. Same as above torch but with threaded fittings, use this torch (3B-B) if you plan on buying a hose set with threaded fittings. Use any National OX, HTM, HT, or HTC-3 tips (not included).

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A very versatile hand torch

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The National 3B is one of the best. I keep one of these next to my workbench at all times. It's a great addition to my larger bench burner. This torch can produce dozens of different flames just by changing the tips. The #3 single orifice tip is a great all purpose tip and is excellent for the beginner. If you want something with a little more power, then I would recommend an 11 hole hush tip. This torch is fuel efficient and the oxygen consumption is reasonable. Add the bench mounted base and it also works great as an all purpose bench burner. This torch is great for boro glass, but can be a little too hot for soft glass if you're not careful. If you're into boro sculpture add one of these to your work bench and it's like having an extra helper.

Life is so much easier for me now.

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Very good for getting into all of those nooks and crannies. Also very good for healing small cracks. Good for connecting 2 pieces together. Very precise flame.

National 3B-B

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The national 3B is a good standard hand torch. There are many different tips available, and even a retro fit kit to use the smaller hand torches tips. Other than being slightly bulky in comparison, this torch can do everything a Smith or Gentec can. This version has the fittings to screw up to fresh hoses. While the 3B-A has barbed connections for cut hoses. I highly recommend at least 1-2 hand torches per station.