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Mid-Range Burner - Nortel

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The Midrange Bench Burner is a great torch for both soft and borosilicate glass. The flame is adjustable from a fine point to 1" thick. Narrow head for easy manipulation of glasswork. Smooth tilt and heavy base. Uses 1/4" BC hose.

Suggested gas and pressures:

Propane: 2 to 6 PSI

Natural Gas: 1/4 to 2 PSI

Oxygen: 5 to 8 PSI

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6 reviews

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Great starter torch


Absolutely loving my mid-range burner. For a beginner glass blower this torch is amazing for letting you get to know the basics of flame chemistry and glass blowing for a low cost.

Amazing beginner torch

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Absolutely loving my midrange burner. For a beginner glass blower this torch will allow you to learn about different flame chemistry's and how to move and shape glass for a very affordable price.

All around great for getting into glass!!


I baught my mid-range torch unsure of what I needed for my first torch, And after months behind its flame I can say I made a great choice. Its perfect for the beginner looking to get into flameworking, and as my skills have grown quickly. I have not outgrown my torch. Its a perfect starter torch for both beginning and intermediate skill levels, with many possibilities especially when mounted with a top torch for fine detail. Perfect for small to large marbles, pipes to mini tubes, and small to medium sculptures!!

All around great torch!!


I got this torch unsure of what i needed at the time, but after months behind this torch im very please at what i have for the price. Its a perfect torch for starting out, and can work both small and good sized pieces. Ive done everything from dabbers, pendants and bubble caps to chillums, bubblers, and minitubes. Perfect torch for starting out, without outgrowing it and having to buy another. You can also buy a smaller torch to mount on top for fine detail!!

Hands-down awesome. Beats models three times its cost.


I bought my mid range from nortel. Spoke with them several times on the phone and after having this torch since 97’ it’s my favorite hands-down. I’ve had many and used them all. Even had the top pre-mix and centerfire, I like the mid range better with my national set up in tandem. Excellent size flame from big to little and can easily handle medium/larger sized pieces. You probably won’t be making tubes or anything large like that, but I have a kill gnats 18 inches wide by 14 inches tall and anything I can fit in there it’s more than capable of handling. Most importantly, this thing has been a workhorse for me it even made it through six or seven years of really rough storage. And it’s still in beautiful condition. Comes with a pin to clean out the torch tip. I’ve got one of the originals and will never let it go. Can’t say enough good things about this Nortel mid range burner. Not many people can give A review after 24 years of ownership.

Fun starter


This is a good starter torch but stand alone might leave a little to be desired, it is very much mid-range. Hard to get precision, and slower on bigger work.