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Red Max (2 Inlet) w/ Pre-Mix Topfire Burner - Nortel

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Red Max Major Bench Burner **2 INLET** - Surface mix outer fire & pre mix minor burner on top. Features a round burner front with 45 gas jets allowing flame variation from needle thin to 1 1/2" in diameter. The bottom, round torch is configured as a center ring of 16 ports, surrounded by a ring of 26 ports. The top fire is a premix torch with two interchangeable tips. The torch comes with one 11 hole tip and one single hole tip (National OX-2 tip .055 inches / 1.4mm).

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20 reviews

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First and probably last

by -

First off, like the other reviewer said, this torch runs off the usual oxygen psi, 30psi at the tank for me, but it will however function on 5-8psi should you be using an oxygen concentrator. What would you have liked to know before I purchased my first Torch? Some ideas to consider are: What are you making with it? The top premix torch will easily cut 20-30mm rod, probably larger but thats as big as I have worked with. The bottom surface mix has easily worked out 1-2 inch marbles with my graphite molds and the two torches can operate at the same time without losing pressure or affecting performance. This makes it easy to go back and forth between fine and heavy flames. How efficient is it? Its my first one and likely my last, to me that means its efficient as it needs to be for 1-4" glasswork. If your new to glasswork it takes a little bit to figure out the oxygen/gas ratio, you might drain few oxy tanks until you get the hang of it. Once you do they last a lot longer. What is the flame like? HOT! The premix comes with two tips, a 3 and a 5 I believe, the 3 is great for my uses, making a nice fine point, the 5 is a little thicker but works great for cutting bigger rods. All around this is an excellent torch for beginners and experts alike very easy to operate and very well made. Everything is top quality and functions flawlessly but probably falls short if you want to make humongo pieces.

red max

by -

I find that torches with riders are lacking. These torches are terribly inefficient when it comes to heat output to gas ratio. The separation of the flames makes the major burner much cooler. I also personally dont like the exposed design of these torches (gas lines). It is however a decent beginners torch that many flameworkers love.

ballers only

by -

you can spend over a grand on a cc or phantom to get a torch that does the same thing the red max does.

Redmax Mafia 4 life!!

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I've had the redmax for 2 years now and absolutely love it. There isn't much that you can't do on a redmax. Ive done spoons, rigs, marbles, dabbers, pendants, beads, vases, cups, and sculptures. Not only is it a great starter torch, but it's one you'll probably never have to upgrade. Also with the premix topfire you can purchase different tips to have a wide variety of flames. She's built like a tank and nortel has great customer service if there is ever a problem. Redmax mafia for life!


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Upgraded from a Nortel minor burner. I still use both, but mainly the Red Max. It's a great larger torch to begin with while i make my way up. I'll probably have it for years! Strongly recommended.

I love my torch

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For the price, you can't beat this torch. I bought it because I was just learning. This torch does everything a beginner would need this torch for. and it comes with a smaller tip for the top burner for a more accurate flame. I highly reccomend getting this torch.


by -

Bought this as my first torch and i have zero regrets.. The premix top is great for the precise flame and the surface mix can take anything I throw at it. It'll be quite a while before I need to upgrade.

Great Torch!

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Great torch at A very reasonable price.Will do more than I know how to do with it.Looking forward to the upcoming Nortel upgrades.Thanks!!!

Redmax power!!

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this was my first torch and I loved it...even though it's an over under you can quickly adjust to the change from a centerfire....the premix is a must if you are looking at a redmax because of all the tips you can use with it, it's like having ten different premixes...a lot of people are harsh on the redmax but I worked 38 and 44 on a daily basis with this torch...I normally ran my regulators at 20psi oxy/8psi propane

Awesome torch

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This is a great torch, better than the entry level torches, just not a centerfire. The instructions are confusing, it says runs on 5-8psi leading you to believe it needs that psi to operate, took a call to mountain glass to clear it up. Also the base is a lot different than photo, thin black base, not polished and thick like the photo.


by -

I love this torch, it is my first torch, though i have played on other torches before making my purchase. The lower torch has a nice large steady flame, and the upper torch can get a very fine point on it, and comes with multiple tips. Very versatile and great band for the buck. I would highly recommend if this is in your budget.


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This torch is incredible. The versatility range is incredible from the small fine detail top torch to the melting power to crush thru a case of 60mm. All while being able to take a beating not only from a novice but a veteran glassblower who is just a little too clumsy. I've had mine for 4+ years. Every time I think Ive reached the limit I crank up the PSI's and crush it. NEVER SELL THIS TORCH, you will regret it.

First Timer Torch

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I love this torch and is one I started on before moving on to more heat driving, and powerful torches. The pre mix top fire is perfect for your fuming and pendant basics while the lower major torch can get you up to medium blown vessels/hollow functionals. This torch is the one I recommend anyone who is starting lamp working and considering a career in it. Enough to get whatever you need done. I would also recommend this to anyone who is looking for a cheaper option to run on a lathe.

Great Starting Torch

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I'm really glad I decided to buy this as my first torch. The premix top works great for fuming, small marbles/pendants, and pinpoint work. The bottom rages everything I've put up against it. Couldn't be happier with this torch.


by -

First torch, got it on special, it is great, works perfectly. I can work on fairly big pieces too because of the big face, but also small detail because of the premix

one and only

by -

Bought this as my first torch in my starter kit perfect in every way. Marbles , pendants, animals, abstract work, anything I have thrown at it has been no problem, takes on any size piece I throw at it, top fire is precise and works almost everything , bottom is a beast handles everything I will ever need as I advance farther down the line. Only torch I need, perfect buy!

Vertical Flamethrower!

by -

This is a decent starter torch. Its only a great starter torch if you are on a tight budget. In my personal experience the GTT lineup destroys the flame possibilities with this torch. That being said, I started my studio with 2 of these. They can make a very versatile range of products. The premix top lets you dial down your flame size fairly small. The wide open flame on the bottom torch is hot! You will notice the flame tends to shape upward and dissipate in comparison to the flame of a GTT. Again it all comes down to budget. If you have under 1k for a torch, this is one of your bigger options.

Great torch for the price.


Amazing torch for the price. This is my first torch and will bump up possibly next summer however I'm fully content with this torch for right now. I am able to do small to huge objects on this torch, and for the price its nice. There are downsides, however for the price compared to how the torch works and the possibilities I think its a great buy.

Great starter durable torch


I have used this torch on oxygen concentrators for almost 5 years. I started with the surface mix top then switched to the pre mix top. I feel the pre mix is able to produce more heat and harder pushing flame. Using 44mm standard wall tubing is the largest I use do to the low pressure of the concentrators. If you have a tank hooked up larger tubing is possible. I recommend this torch for pipe making on a small to moderate size marbles also

Best torch for anybody


As soon as this torch arrived at my shop, i was amazed. With the interchangable tips(now fits some national torch tipa as well) this torch was perfect for me- Moving from soft to boro, i could use the 12 hole tip for my soft glass works and the 1 hole tip for any of the many details required for boro work. Excellent torch with many uses.