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NS076 Onyx is the smoothest most saturated black in the Northstar palette. It is well suited for stringer applications and blown work. It is a green based black and in certain lights it has a slight green tint. Onyx can be worked hot and long without boiling issues and it is not sensitive to reduction. For best results keep it in a neutral flame. It looks great as a backing for NS013 Amber Purple and by itself. It is great for backing dichroic, gold, and silver fume.

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Great for backing

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I've been having great results applying this color. Really easy to work. Great for backing pendants and such. I haven't had issues with it going gray but I also haven't had it in the flame too long.

Worked for me.

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I thought I'd found what I had been looking for. Was able to work it for a long period of time with no greying, the I guess I got a bad batch. Can't even use it on a pendant without it streaking. Very disappointed.

One of the top black colors

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Works creamy and buttery but it can gray out if worked too long.

Simply The Best

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I use this for my main black. Northstar seems to have it down as the consistency from batch to batch has been awesome on this color since I started using it. I back things with it mostly and have also used it on many pieces including hollow, solid and sculpted work. I don't think most intermediate thru professional artists who understand flame chemistry and work with color would ever have a problem with it. I have worked it quite a bit and never had a problem with it going gray, however I can see how it might be problematic if reduced as it is a green based color. If that is a major concern I'd go with alchemy eclipse instead but that's a lot harder to melt and work on the downside. Onyx can look slightly to moderately green if it gets pulled or blown thin or washed out too much but if you keep it reasonably thick its one of if not the best black colors on the market. I hope they never discontinue this as I keep it on hand. It is a necessity in my shop.

the best black in the market

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este color es perfecto para todo, lo he usado de todas las formas y responde perfecto a todo, muy dificil que llegue a gris, lo unico malo pero facil de evitar es que se va a un tono medio verde si queda muy delgado, avoid thin layers.

Very forgiving color.


This is my go-to black for backing fumed pendants. Sometimes Iā€™m forced to use reducing flames while adding sensitive colors to the pendants and I never have an issue with graying out. Very forgiving color and deep saturation. Ideal for vac-stacks too.

Very nice

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One of the better blacks you can get

overall very good

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very dense black but washes out when used for stringers

Go to Black for me

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Great black for anything, pulls down into stringers nice, works nice, backs nice, no color issues with any flame really. You can over heat it and cause some odd issues but you have to really try to screw this black up. Haven't tried to blow out yet but I have seen it run thin over clear, doesn't even look bad then.

Favorite Black

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My favorite black to use! Solid dark black works inside and out.