Red Exotic - Northstar

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1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.


The Exotic family contains the most saturated striking colors in the Northstar family. NS029 Red Exotic produces a deep metallic burgundy. As with the other exotics work them in a super oxidizing environment until you are finished with the piece. Then, turn the flame down and bathe the piece in a super reducing flame for several second to produce the mirror like sheen. Another great effect that is possible with the Exotics is encasement with clear. This group of colors can be stretched out and is great for blown work. If heavily encased, be sure to anneal thoroughly. Exotics are also enhanced by a backing with NS054 Star White. NS029 Red Exotic differs from the rest in that kiln striking will amplify the red qualities. Try layering NS023 Pink over Red Exotic!

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Encase it!

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This stuff looks great encased, even just with clear. It gets a really rusty look. I find it hard to get much colour unencased.

Too Often Overlooked

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I find the exotics are too often overlooked because they’ve been around so long. I wrap-n-rake this rod along side Northstar Lava and it creates a super earthy stand out design.

Definitely underrated


Red Exotic is one of my favorite colors. I almost always encase in clear or a transparent color. Watch out for cracking and compatibility since it has a slightly higher coe than other colors. I pretty much have a long annealing cycle when between 1000 and 600. I also don’t typically use it encased with other dense color due to compatibility issues. That being said this color has phenomenal reactivity to flame chemistry. Do a deep dive into the exotic colors and they won’t disappoint. I primarily use red exotic as encased frit. Don’t forget different brands of clear will yield different results because of how well or fast they accept silver crystals. The Stuff n puff method is especially fun:)

Lots of silver

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I like this color for accent pieces like horns. Lots a silver.

candy roses


great for roses and depth very pleased with product



There is s9 much metal in this color. Its wild when worked i get purples reds all kinds of stuff. Like a galaxy look!



Love me some exotic colors... but the red is just dope!

Great for for


So many ways to use this color. Bloody, gory color.