Steel Wool - Northstar

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SKU: NS129
$5.21 / Ounce
1 – 15$5.21
16 +$4.54
1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.

$72.64 / Pound


NS129 Steel Wool is a unique addition to the borosilicate color palette. It is a funky, bumpy color rod that turns smooth when melted. It has tons of sparkle and can be mixed with any color to add a sparkly shimmer to any piece. NS129 Steel Wool can be used in all applications with no cracking issues but use caution in deep encasement. We recommend using a neutral/oxidizing flame for NS129 Steel Wool. Use in the back of the flame and try a reducing flame to cut down on boiling. Try mixing NS020 Dark Cobalt with NS129 Steel Wool to get a very nice blue sparkle. A little hand mixing of NS129 Steel Wool will give you the color you desire.

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Awesome sparkle!

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Mixes well with many other colors as well. The possibilities are endless!

Interesting to Work With

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This color might be difficult to work with if you do not mix it with clear. It takes a little bit of skill but the turn out is definitely a pay off =)

solid purchase right here


Steel wool lives up to its name- its a super sparkly steel gray that works great blown or sculpted. Regardless of how you work it it has an amazing amount of sparkle to it that doesnt seem to go away when you stretch it! 5/5 will be buying more as soon as I can!



Great sparkle! Super dense, works easily on solid sculpting. Definitely recommend it.

So metal


My go to dark sparkle. Nice metallic look.

Top 5 Favorite Backing Colors


Absolutely love this color as a backing for Millie marbles and opal encasements. Easy to work and doesn’t boil or give you a hard time.

Awesome sparkle


I use this as a backing for pendants, the sparkle in this color really pops when in the light. Very workable doesn't boil.

Favorite color


Probably my favorite color to pair with any other color I have. Works great in so many designs and always catches your eye.

Beats disco


Beats disco sparkle,sometimes turns very dark but most of the time the batches are good resulting in a nice silver sparkle.
<br> can be used in vac stacks

Awesome shimmer.


Awesome color. It makes an great shimmer. Especially behind clear. Just keep it out of a reductive flame.

Looooove it!!!


I use this colour for black .... haven't managed to mess this one up so far :D one of the colours I have constantly in use !!!



Stiff and sparkley, easy to work with or layer.... ironically that's what they put next to my name in the year book!