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NS009 Yellow is an eye catching striking transparent yellow. It can be struck in a kiln or in the flame. This is another good forgiving striking color for those starting out. If it is worked in an oxidizing environment, NS009 Yellow will yield a transparent golden yellow. If worked in a neutral to slightly reducing flame NS009 Yellow will start to darken and turn a semi opaque amber color. Because the strike can be easily controlled, NS009 Yellow can be used for sculpture, beads, and blown work without washing out or overpowering the work. Try layering NS009 Yellow over NS007 Ruby for a vibrant fuchsia color and be sure to try it over NS028 Blue Exotic.

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27 reviews

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love it!

by -

a nice transparent yellow that can be struck multiple times to darken it a bit more as well as bring out some nice surface blues from the silver in it.

Solid color!


One of my favorite colors to work can go from a deep fumey yellow all the way to dark purples and blues and is worked very easily.



Awesome striking color! Same flame chemistry as amber purp or any other striker. A long kiln strike can yield some dope reddish purples.

Great color, very versatile

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This is a great color, not only by itself, it accents and pairs with any color combination because of the striking aspect. It can also be sleaved over any color for a great look.

Possibilities are endless!

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Has to be my favorite NS color even though one of the simplest. Can give so many different effects and shades. Just a beautiful color and so easy to work.

Favorite color


The different colors you can get when worked properly in the flame are insane!!! Has been my favorite glass color since getting my hands on it a few years back.

Secret purple


This color doesn't even show how COOL this yellow is. Much like amber purple this yellow can actually go purple if flame chemistry is right

Review for giveaway


Northstar yellow is one of my all time favorite go-to’s and has never let me down! Beautiful array of blues and yellows within this one color. Always will be a favorite!

One of the best strikers


Absolutely one of my favorite striking colors. Starts off clear and goes to a pale yellow when worked. After kilning you can pull out an entire range of color from pale yellow to bright blues to even some deep purple plum colors. Truly a favorite of mine.

Oldie but a goodie


One of my favorite colors in the boro palette. Sure to not disappoint this color can be worked in a variety of flames with no issues. Smooth and buttery fumey goodness.

Soon to be your favorite.

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Versatile in its strike. Different flame chemistry results in different colors in blues, yellows and greens. Great for stringer, solid or hollow work. Can be blown out and used in deep encasement. Try on top of amber line for nice effects.

A must for everyone.

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This should be a staple in everyone’s palate. Easy to work and amazing color variety based on flame chemistry. Safe for all applications. Excellent for an overlay color, experiment and have fun and soon it will be a favorite.



Such a beautiful color. I love how the yellow blends so well with blues and purples

Beginner friendly


Easily one of my favorite colors! Works similar to clear and is great in every application

Pretty yellow

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Really hard to tell what it is until you strike it, cool either way

Easy to work and versatile

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Easy to work color that’s under appreciated in today saturated market. Useful layered over white or other standard striking colors like NS Amber Purples and Rubies

Great for honeycomb


Absolutely love using this color in honeycomb applications

Multiple strike cycles are neato!


One of the easiest to use , stable, consistent, very similar to amber purple. Doing multiple striking cycles can yield amazing color variations.

like butter


nice transparent to over lay on top of other colors.

Ns yellow


Classic so many applications and looks great in every way always works well

A staple color


This color is so versatile and can yield you some cool results. Great for layering over a more opaque color.



An essential part of anyones boro palette, can't stop finding new hues with this stuff

Amazing for beginners!


One of the first colors I ordered when i started a year ago. Still pick some up with every order. This color continues to surprise me and I love it

Versatile color with tons of options

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If left thick, looks like on OK transparent yellow. If significantly thinned, it can look more blue which is a great effect. Works great as a overlay on top of many other colors, especially over dark reds, blues, and blacks. Starts clear and has some striking and has a ton of flexibility. Try dot stacks with heavy blue stardust or a striking ruby.

So versatile and a great color .

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Awesome inside out, as an encasing color over opaques, or just all by itself as a coil-pot. Another favorite in my shop .