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Premium L-Shaped Marver for Lynx, Cheetah, Phantom, Bobcat & More

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Graphite "L" shaped torch mounted marver fits GTT Cricket, Bobcat, Lynx, Cheetah, Phantom, Scorpion, and Sidewinder. 2" x 3". bottom graphite plate, 1.25" tall back plate, 1/2" thick all around. "L" shape allows for marvering rounded objects up to 3" in diameter with two contact surfaces, making marvering operations more efficient. Made with the highest grade graphite available for a smooth surface.

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6 reviews

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I miss it already!

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I agree with the above reviews in that this is an essential tool for your setup. I had one mounted on my Lynx torch but when I sold my Lynx and got a Scorpion (for the wider flame), the marver went with the sale. I have missed the marver every day since. You can bet that this will be the very next purchase I make!

It's okay; not great for Lynx

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I didn't like the way it fit on my lynx... the fit is kind of clunky. It might fit better on a phantom.

A Must Have Tool

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Been lampworking 10+ years without an L marver. Facepalm...This thing is awesome! Not only does it work better than a flat marver but it also fits both my Scorpion and Phantom torches. Best fifty bux I've spent in a long time.

Buy it

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Probably the most useful tool you can buy. Everyone should have an L marver on their torch, and this one is very well built and comes at a fair price. Install was slightly tricky, but not too bad. only negative I see is that it does not ship with the required allen wrench for installation. I had one but some may not.

once you get one you wont regret it

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this thing has so many uses, keeping your glass steady if you dont have a foot pedal and have to adjust manually, helps shape your glass, "use the corners/edges to heated tube and perform a hot break :)" and much more

Must Have

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I love my L marver on my Cheetah. It is essential to my day to day needs. Combined with the blastshield that fits the Griffin Marver, I don't feel like I got a tan my torch, especially when working on a marble where I'm a lil closer up doing detail while the marble is still throwing off some heat that's built up.