Roswell - Northstar

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$5.46 / Ounce
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16 +$4.75
1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.

$76.00 / Pound


NS150 Roswell is a cadmium based green glass. Similar to the discontinued color NS071 Avocado, this glass is a vibrant opaque green. Northstar has maximized the cadmium formula to be the brightest green saturation without sacrificing the color. The strongest attribute of this glass is its smooth working characteristics with a range of flame chemistry while retaining more density of color. Perfect for many applications from coil-potting, lined tubing, sculptural, stinger work, and best of all, deep encasements such as millefiori.

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I love this color, got some free sample rods thrown in from NS around last Christmas when It first came out. It works like butter and can handle a lot of abuse from the flame, its really resilient, and I love the nrightness in the color once its contrasting against or used with a darker color, like the AKM skull

Great cad for beginners


I’m a big fan of blow ins this color can stretch far and hold its opaqueness it also can take a lot of abuse without boiling and who doesn’t like alien green

Roswell . A pleasure to melt.


Roswell . I enjoy working this color,melts nice and smooth,haven't had any boiling issues,stays nice and bright,I hope is here to stay. Thanks

The truth is out there


One of my favorites! Roswell is so easy to use and even I haven’t been able to burn it yet.

Buttery cadmium

by -

Have had air in some or it would be 5 star. But still a great cadmium based color



Such a fun color. Goes great with Poppy

Dream Green


Roswell is an awesome color. I’ve always wanted a nice bright lime green color and now there is one. It works easy and can be encased or used for surface work. I like coil potting it as well as using it in vac stacks and pretty much any othe technique

A stand out color

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Very strong and unique color that gives my marbles some special flair. Withstands heat very well.

Add a vibrant pop of color to any piece


Easily my favorite color to add a vibrant pop to any piece. It’s forgiving to heat fluctuations, and holds heat consistently once initially soaked. The color works well in a lot of color schemes.

Vibrant color


This color is so vibrant, I Made Some Dope Lil Aliens Out Of It.

Excellent color!


I love this almost acid green color! Works well and isn’t pissy

Super fresh yellow green


I live in NM and so Roswell green attracts a lot of eyes in my area. I’m a frequent buyer

Good cadmium


Great color for your cad palette. No need to mix for that green yellow ns did it for ya

Such an awesome color!


One of my favorite cad colors from NS! Really unique color that contrasts well with anything dark.



This color, this isna color that inspires anyone that was alive, as a grandparent, Parent, or Child, due to its distinct and memorable usage in lots of cars, house items, and especially TOYS! I remember having He-Man "Ooze" playsets,, G.I.Joe, ThunderCats, Transformers(combined with purple, remember?)'s just an amazing color, that was perfectly named, it works in the flame just like the he- man toy ooze slime, or remember! Another! It's like the DOUBLE DARE STUFF!!! LOL..I wish I could give this color SIX stars for being the "sickstick"-(6tick) --pleaae don't stop providing this color, it is of the times, and it breaks times barrier!

Great color!!!


This is a beautiful and very bright green that works buttery smooth even in coil pots. I don’t have any issues with it boiling or reducing just a great color all around!

Super awesome color


Absolutely wicked color great for seaturtles.

Folks a gap


Yellow green that fills a gap in a good fade. Looks like some kind of alien ooze

Vibrant green


Great murrine safe green, easy to work and vibrant

top shelf


A brilliant bright loud green,perfect for the green pallette.

Solid cad color


Roswell is a great color, perfect for aliens or dragons!

Killer green easy to use


This color is amazing, it looks great and You can work it in almost any way and it wouldnt boil.