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Spring Loaded Tubing Cutter

6 Reviews
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Easy to use, these spring loaded tubing cutters are designed to safely score and cut glass tubing up to 1.5 inch (38.1 mm) in outside diameter.

Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews

Does the job.

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This little tool is great for cutting down small diameter tubing and makes fantastic clean cuts. Its very difficult to use with anything larger than about 15mm medium wall.

Surprisingly A Nice Tool

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I believe I have had the same one now for 3 years or so and it still works perfectly. Great for 12mm blowtube prep.

made life easier

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this hand dandy little tool made in the usa has saved me lots of time/gas and helped getting a CLEAN cut on small to medium rod and tube. GET ONE!

Clean Cuts

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This little cutter is by far the easiest of the Manual cutters I have used and own. The Diameter of what you can cut is limited to smaller glass sizes but worth the money if you cut down stems, tree percs, blow pipes and color rod. It offers a clean non boiling cut if done right. Tip, Mark your glass lightly if you need to, than dab water onto area First not last, Use firm but not extreme pressure when rotating glass only once around. If you do it right you will not even be able to see the score mark and this is the look that makes no boiling when fire polishing the finished cut. If you are new to cutting glass this is a very easy to use and flawless way to cut glass, The replacement blades are also very affordable, I have not changed mine yet and have had it for two years.

Waste of money.

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This tool really didn't work well for me. The wheel, and tool itself was wobbly... and for the small sizes you'll be cutting, you may as well just be using a regular scoring tool or disc nips to score, or spend the money on the small jaws tools.

Great Tool

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I have cut so much glass with this tool...Easy to use...
<br>I did loose the spring as it sprung out somewhere one day but still works fine and I could get a new spring for some pennies if I really cared...