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English Ivy - Northstar

8 Reviews
SKU: NS131
$5.03 / Ounce
1 – 15$5.03
16 +$4.38
1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.

$70.08 / Pound


NS121 English Ivy is a light transparent aquamarine color, that when used in the flame, can yield many color hues. This color is in the same family as NS013 Amber Purple and NS003 Multi, so the color possibilities are endless. NS131 English Ivy produces metallic blues and sea greens. When reduced, this color can yield earthy reds and browns.

We recommend using an oxidizing flame to achieve the most vivid color. Because it is more saturated than NS013 Amber Purple and NS003 Multi, it will react much more quickly to the particular chemistry of the flame so be careful not to over reduce. To yield other interesting effects, try encasing NS131 English Ivy with clear or backing it with an opaque color like NS054 Star White. This color can be stretched thin, so it is well suited for delicate blown work, stringer application, and cane work.

Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews

Cool colors but finicky.

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Maybe I'm missing something with this one but even in an oxygenating flame it still turns earthy tones sometimes. However I have had good successes with it occasionally.

Lots of fun

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I really like this transparent color. As long as I keep it in a neutral or oxy flame I can really beat it up and get great color out of it. It also looks nice encased. Try it over Millenium Moss NS-073. In a reduced flame it will develop a brick red color.

Awesome color

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sick transparent greens and blues just don't get it in a reducing flame unless it's under a lot of clear or it will go red/pink fast....



This is a fun and versatile color in my palate. From solid to blown work the range of colors and hues that can be obtained are phenomenal. I love working with this color.

I like to encase it


This is a fun color. I like to encase it to prevent reducing.

Lost in the English ivy


English ivy provides color changes no matter how you work it . Just a fun color to get lost in the zen of playing

Soo Sick


Such A Fope Color To Play With, Just Watch How Hot You Get It, Be Carful.



Love this color for it's vivid striking. Get bright blues and greens to beautiful golden strikes.