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Tan Silver Creek - Northstar

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SKU: NS114
$4.17 / Ounce
1 – 15$4.17
16 +$3.63
1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.

$58.08 / Pound


NS114 Tan Silver Creek is a yellowish cream color. It can yield rich purplish blue and creamy tan tones. When kept in a more oxidizing environment, you will get more of the blues and purples. If reduced, a silvery haze will appear on the surface. NS114 Tan Silver Creek is easy to work and can take a lot of heat which makes it a forgiving striking color. It can be stretched out and is good for blown work and sculpture. If you are looking for something even more intense, try NS044 Caramel or NS102 Silver Bullet.

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Interesting Color

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This is a very interesting color. I can get it to give me ghostly blue purples and greens to tans and a hint of orange. I know this is probably an odd comparison looking at the sample pictures, But In a way it kind of reminds me of Alchemy triple passion a little the way tan silver creek behaves and strikes but it's not exactly like that and it's more of a tan based glass and less saturated with silver but still has enough to give a nice effect. Does not easily overstrike like the passion. I use it for lots of things, even backer on marbles sometimes. It melts like butter and works real easy. I usually flame strike it just a little. As far as I can tell this is the lightest in the caramel family of colors which in my experience from most to least intense is caramel, butterscotch, silver bullet, and tan silver creek- forgive me if I left something out. I personally think this and butterscotch are the two prettiest and most versatile colors in this series. I have a little harder time getting caramel and silver bullet to produce as impressive of a range of colors but I will work with any of them. You can strike this up to look awesome or get lots or possible outcomes based on gas pressures/torch settings, However I would surely recommend this as a beginner friendly color for ease of workability and low boiling issues. I prefer this color for blown work but it is good for sculpture also. This color is not very intense so it melts more like clear and it does not pull stringers very well. I will be keeping this in my studio. I like it enough to use on a regular basis.

Fancy cream marble


Like any silver color the possibility’s are endless weather you sleeve it or let it breathe tan silver creek won’t disappoint. I like to mix it up with the clear some on top sum under like making Honeycombs