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Griffin Two Stage Rock It Foot Pedal With Oxygen Bypass

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>This two stage foot pedal is designed for use with any three stage torch. It's function is to open and close the preset middle and outer fire separately. The oxygen bypass allows a metered amount of oxygen to flow through the second stage of the torch, enriching the inside fire with oxygen. This creates a deeper blue center fire which is better flame atmosphere for working with silver-based and crayon colors. The bypass valve is adjustable at the foot petal and can be completely shut off.

This torch has all the same great features as the ROCK-IT and more.

* The redesigned Rock-It is constructed with top quality, high volume valves. You can expect years of trouble free usage with the new long lasting valves.

* This unit can be run in the open position for unlimited time periods.

* The pedal is non-electric. Thus opening and closing the gas valves is a technically sound, mechanical operation.

* The Rock-It has a maintain switch. The maintain switch will keep the outer fire on until switch is depressed a second time allowing freedom of movement.

* The stainless steel foot pedal body offers durability and a professionally engineered design.

* The low profile design insures ease of use and supports appropriate posture.

* As a safety feature the gas lines are located four inches from the floor, the pedal's bottom surface.

* The unit acts with immediate response. Both the on and off operations of the torch are instantaneous after the switch is activated.

* Not Recommended for use with Pre Mix Torches due to a high number of flashbacks. Flashback Arrestors mounted behind the torch can alleviate this concern. Gas Savers will also reduce flashbacks.

* The Rock-It is compatible with all three stage and four prong torches including the following: Carlisle, Carlise Plus, Phantom, Mirage, Delta Elite, and the Modified Bethlehem. All torches must have four prong inlets.

* The Rock-It warranted for one year. This includes all parts and function when the product is used properly.

*The two stage foot pedal can also be used to operate any surface mix hand torch with one pedal while the other pedal controls the outer fire of any two stage torch.

*This two stage pedal could also be used to operate the outer fire of two separate torches set up cross-fires.

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