Turquesa - Northstar

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SKU: NS015
$4.64 / Ounce
1 – 15$4.64
16 +$4.04
1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.

$64.64 / Pound


Turquesa is a more saturated version of NS014 Irrid and produces similar effects. When worked in an oxidizing flame Turquesa yields more pronounced metallic blues. When reduced, deep sea greens result. Because it is more saturated than Irrid, Turquesa can be used for thinner blown work without thinning out. Try layering it over an opaque to yield new effects. Also try reducing Turquesa, then encasing with clear.

Ratings & Reviews

9 reviews

It's ok

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This color is easy to work with, I just haven't found a lot of uses for it. The color is ok not amazing. But the rod is easy to work with.

I love this color

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I love this color. It works so easily and gives the appearance of texture or stringers having been layered and melted on the color nicely. It's a pretty solid blue. I use it to coil pot.


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My go to blue .... if you know your torch chemistry the colors this single rod can achieve is silly. Take a look at my instagram. My hammerhead shark sculpture is pure Turquesa, no clear

Great blue possibilities!


I don’t know why I waited so long to try this color. It’s very capable of a lot more than you’d expect. It’s easily coil-potted as well as sculpted. Very workable and the amount of different shades of blue that are possible with this color are awesome. You got light blue, sky blue, deep sea blue, and cobalt.

Buttery and cute color. Not a huge range in terms of striking.


I love this color if I want something that’s a bit spicier than a basic cobalt. Manage your expectations with this color. I love using it for evil eye pendants it adds a little oomph.



Smooth air free and looks great encased

Good stuff

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Love this color for eye murrine. Such an amazing blue!



Great color! Try it under a light silver fume.

A Favorite Blue


Love this color I always keep it on hand. So easy to work with, great results every time. Never had any issues with hazing or greying at all. Perfect mix of blue tones every time. And great price + often offered in odds/seconds. As long as I can get it I will buy it and use it!